Traveler's Notebook Pocket Inserts: Paper, Plastic, Fabric and Leather

I love my traveler's notebooks and the ability to make it simple or function with different type of inserts.  Most of the time I like to keep it simple and as is.  Yet, I just cannot resist the different type of pocket inserts that can transform my simple one piece leather traveler's notebook into a very functional planners.  Here are the different type of pocket inserts I own and love.
  1. Traveler's CompanyFourruof Fabric Insert
  2. Traveler's Company Pan AM Edition 
  3. Leather zipper case by 1.61 from Baum Kuchen 
  4. Hunkeedori Customized Insert on Etsy
  5. Paper Folder from Fauxdori_and_journal_addict on IG
  6. Traveler's Company 008 Plastic Insert
There are a lot of other great pocket inserts out there that I do not own but will be interested to try someday....

What is your favorite traveler's notebook pocket inserts?


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