My Custom Van Der Spek Compact

Ever since I discovered Philofaxy website, it starts my planner journey.  I find myself the love of doing crafting and plan for my life.  As the work schedule occupied most of my time, I find the planner kind of help me to balance my work and life. 

I tried few Filofax planners and none of them "connect" with me.  I ended up sell them all.  Around October, I came across Van Der Spek on Philofaxy website and fall in love the idea of design your own organizer!  Here is my journey of this very unique planner.....

I got my inspiration from following youtube channels
Sandrajohn27-Filofax Compact Regency
Sandrajohn27-Filofax compact vs personal
The Zeitgeist of Zoe -Van der Spek Custom Binder

The Zeitgeist of Zoe-3/12/2014 post of Falling in Love All Over Again
My Filo World-Review Filofax Regency compact in Brown

Photo from The Zeitgeist of Zoe Blog
This photo starts the idea of using the planner as my wallet :)
The communication with VDS is great and Petra is so patience with me.  It took us two weeks and 74 emails back and forth to get the following drawing.

Drawing from Petra

Production photo
 Final Product Photo before shipping out.

Details about my planner
1. Compact Size with 13mm silver ring
2. Silver popper
3. Red Italian leather 180 in and out
4. Matching stich color
5. Standard VDS designed layout on the left
6. Pen loop to the left
7. Custom designed layout on the right

If any of you are interested to know more about Van Der Spek planner or what they offer, please visit their shop at

Facebook to see more photos and Q&A: Van der Spek Organiser Fans
Email VDS at


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