Daily Reflection in A6 Midoir Traveler's Notebook

As some of you may know that I am reading the Bullet Journal Method book.  In one of the chapter, the author discussed how he fills in the monthly page after the fact and reflects what's actually going on on the day.  I have adopted the same, but instead of writing it in my A5 ring notebook , I use my cut-down Midori Traveler's Notebook paired with A6 MD notebook.  A5 ring is for my work notebook and it gets use and open in the public quite often.  I don't feel comfortable to have my daily reflection/journals in it with the possibility that others may see it.

One of the goal this year is not to waste and use what I have.  Here is a list of what I am using and also consider this as my current favorite :)

A6 Slim MD notebook:  I bought a 3 packs deal from Amazon with line, grid and blank paper.  It holds ink pretty well without bleeding issue.

Zebra Mildliner :  I think all the planner girls have this particular set with grey and pastel color.

Polaroid Zip Photo Printer: To be…

Planner Blog and YT I Have Been Enjoyed Lately

There are some videos and blogs that I enjoyed lately related to planners.  Thought to share it here as my personal collection as well.

Planner Setup | Simple Planning | My Intentional Life - A very information and detail talk on how she uses her planner.  I really enjoyed it! - At around 8:00 minute mark, she talked about how she made her clear dividers which I think it is very clever!  Those clear dividers with letters are kinda pricey to buy with long wait time.   Most of planner girls out there have alphabet stickers and lamination sheet at home.  I have been searching for a good dividers for my A5 and this will be a easy make for me :) 
The BEST 2019 PLANNER & Bullet Journal SETUP: The All-in-One System I mentioned this video in my last post that Mariana inspired me to get on this A5 bullet journal bandwagon.  I love how she make it simple, functional and in a ring planner.  Really enjoyed it and watched it couple times.

Being a planner girl, we see a…

The Bullet Journal Method in an A5 Ring Bound Planner

It has been a chaotic and eventful year.  I moved, got married and got a new job.  Things happened so fast that I am just joggling between different events happened in my life.  Because with all the changes, I stopped using my planner almost completely.  The planner is still with me all the time, but with only one function, booking future appointments in the monthly calendar. 

One Book July topic came by and it was The Bullet Journal Challenge and read along with Carie Harling.  While I was watching the video, I thought, been there, done that and it does not work.  Bounded book is not my friend and bullet journal is just too complicated for my lifestyle.  Yet in these read along videos and the thoughts Carie shared, I decided to give it a shoot by reading the book and learn it again with the original way.  
The book has been an easy and light reading until I reached to the Goal chapter which makes me think of my current lifestyle and what I really seeking for for my life.  Do not wan…

What is the Plan for 2019? Jibun Techo Mock up in Filofax Ring Planner for Fall

Hello All,

September seems like the month most of the planner people start discussing or deciding what planner to use for the coming year. (Academic year and also Japanese Planner releases) For next year I am tempted to try Jibun Techo. Yet, before I commit to the bounded book planner, which I never be able to stick with a bounded planner for more then 3 months, I want to try the layout first to see if it really fits my need.

I just recently acquired this beautiful Fuchsia color classic croc pocket size planner and spent a weekend to have it set up just like (as close as I can) Jibun Techo.

Here are the steps I took!

I downloaded the guide on how to use Jibun Techo on their official website and blog post from JetPen to get my planner setup.  It shows detail list of "Lists" or "Fields" included in the Jibun Techo.  Based on the guide, I followed and jazzed up the lists that fits my life style.  Some of the things just don't apply to people outside of Japan, …

Gillio A6 Compagna vs VDS Un-Widen Senior

A6 is the new Personal!
I jumped on the A6 trend in the mid of July as I am itchy to try something new!

For the month of August, I was in Gillio A6 Black and Red Compagna that I got from Gillio Market Place.  I have to say it is NOT loved in the first sight.  I love the configuration of the planner, but for some reason, I am just not that into it.

Click HERE to see all the spec. on Gillio Website 

During the Labor Day weekend, I went to SJC and met my planner friend who is nice enough to let me borrow her un-widen A6 VDS planner to try it out again.  I have to say I LOVE IT!  The size feels right in my hand and the sturdy leather wins my heart!

Specifications:  Brandy Italian Leather Outside  Mattone Leather Inside 20 mm ring Custom pockets You can order one with VDS standard configuration or custom made HERE

After I have both, Gillio A6 Compagna and VDS A6 on my hand, I realized that I really like the compactness of the VDS.  VDS is un-widen and thus narrower and fits in my hand nicer.  Al…

Olive TN Setup, Journal Flip Through and Journaling Favorites

This is the first time in my life finishing up a traveler's notebook insert.  I have been in and out of TN several times and never stay long enough to finish up a booklet.  Now I have my TN set up the way I love and willing to commit.  It is easier to talk through via YouTube video to show my setup, journal flip and journaling favorites.  Things I have been using for the past 3 months in my journal.  This will be good for beginners as most of the items are basic and easy to get. 

You can watch the video HERE or below

People I mentioned Instagram Inspiration: Little Raven's Ink Patron Things I mentioned Pentel Aquash Water Brushes Prima Marketing Watercolor Classics Pilot G2 0.38 Pen Prismacolor Marker Winsor Newton Watercolor Set

August Update: Journalling School, DIY B6 Slim Notebook and Fitness Log in Gillio A6 Compagna

So I started some sort of art journalling in the month of July for the One Book July challenge.  I kinda want to continue that path but with more focus on "journalling".  I started reading "Journalling School" by Ray Blake to guide me through how to record my life in the form of journal. For the month of August, my goal is to start journalling and also keep up with my fitness.  I team up my B6 journal with Gillio A6 compagna as the planner and fitness log.

DIY a tri-fold leather cover to house MD B6 slim note book with my version of pen loop.  

PPCO # 102 and #083 inserts for my fitness log.

I am still in the process of setting up my A6 Compagna.  Once it is done, I will do a video for both.