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One Book July 2018 - Setup

Cannot believe we are half way through the year already!  2018 is a very eventful year for me.  A lot of new and exciting things happened in my life.

So July is around the corner and this will be the third year I participate in the #onebookjuly challenge hosted by Carie Harling, Miss Vickybee and RhomanysRealm.  The rule is to use one book and one pen throughout the month without any changes or switching.

Each year I try different sizes and planning systems in this month to not only participate the challenge in the planning community but also to find out what works and do not works for me.  I tried Fieldnote size traveler's notebook in 2016, Personal size rings planners in 2017 and will be using Standard size traveler's notebook in 2018.

I am using my Pan Am Edition Traveler's notebook and there are four inserts in it.

Fourruof Mustard Yellow Fabric Insert Recollection Calendar Insert - using as bullet journal styleRecollection Plastic Folder Prima Marketing Sketch Insert …

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