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My Planner Journey: One Planner, One Size

I am a personal size ring planner person.  This statement does not come easy.  Ever since I stumbled into the planner community, it has been a journey to find the RIGHT planner and RIGHT Size for me.  I have tried almost every size possible from pocket, A6, B6, personal, A5, and more....of course also add in the mix of ring planner or bound book style planner.

Planner community is so big and full of resources on Facebook and Youtube.  On one hand I enjoyed it but on the other hand I was overwhelmed.  There were one point I gave up on using planners completely as I was overly frustrated on different sizes and different planning styles I was experimenting.   There were tones of late nights spending on watching different Youtube videos on how others use and set up their planners in different sizes.

I still remember it was March 2017 when I was chatting with one girl at the SF Plannercon.  She told me her magic of staying in one size planner is to only have one size planner.  This is how…

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