Pink and Lotus Gillio Medium Compagna Review

Gillio Medium Compagna is the IT planner from Gillio Firenze.   I have been a ringless planner girl for over 2 years.  Every time I see those beautiful photos on the facebook page, I told myself one day I am going to try the Medium Companga when the time and price is right.  So, when I saw this IT planner show up on the Gillio Good Deals Corner site, I made the purchase right away. 

I made the purchase on Thursday and received it on Wednesday.  At first I thought the shipping cost is high (22 euro), yet, the shipping is so fast from Belgium to USA that I think the price is well worth it.  

Customer service at Gillio is probably one of the best I have experienced as they offer the online chat on their website. When I want to make an luxury purchase, I love to get my questions answered right away.  The online chat offers the speedy service.  If they are not available at the time, an email sent via the online chat to them will be answered within 24 hour.  

So here is the first look of my Gillio Medium Compagna 

Pink outside with Lotus inside.  All medium compagna comes with a leather flyleaf matches the inside leather color.  According to the facebook page, the leather flyleaf is to protect the ring from indentation to the secretarial pocket.  I quiet enjoy turning the flyleaf and use it as sort of dashboard.

It comes with 25mm ring, leather flyleaf, two secretarial pockets, zipper compartment, 5 card holders and the most famous large back pocket.  Since it is a "Good Deal Corner" item, it does not come with any inserts, pen and the leather certificate.  More product details, photos and color choices can be find on Gillio Website

Here is the way I have it set up for the month of June.  There are a lot of bits and pieces hiding in different compartments.

I have made a vision board behind my very pretty La Dolce Vita postcard.  The vision board is inspired by Michelle at Seaweed Kisses 

I keep some sticky note paper and also a print out from HNIllustration  with Oliclip on the leather flyleaf

There are four sections in my planner,

  • Future plan monthly:  DIYfish Black and White Dream monthly
  • Currently:  Zeitgeber Planner inserts for monthly and weekly spread and DIYfish Black and White Dream daily page
  • Notes: Convert Philofaxy daily inserts into Wish List, Notes, and To Do
  • Expense Tracker: Wendaful Design income and expense insert

My four color coleto doesn't really fit in the penloop on the Gillio.  I got another stick on pen loop on my page lifter to house my coleto.  I don't have much stuff at the backside of the planner yet. Currently only have some washi tapes.  

This is how it looks when it's load up.  I still have a lot of room to put more inserts, but I am happy with what I have now.  

Since this is my everyday carry, I put it in the sleeper bag comes with the planner.  It is a perfect size!

Ever since I have received it, I spent a lot of time playing, rubbing and figuring out what works for me and what doesn't.  Even my cat has been complaining and decided to sit on my planner and ask for more attention :D

I hope you enjoy this review.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or concerns.



  1. Fab review , why is my cat sitting on your Gillio.

  2. Fab review , why is my cat sitting on your Gillio.

  3. Great review, very detailed and loved the pictures. I would love a gillio one day!

  4. Hello so beautiful
    Do you wanna sell this Planner? Iam very interessting!

    1. Hello~
      I am no longer owing this planner. It has gone to a new home. Thanks
      Please visit my new site "" thanks


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