Planner Collection Part 3: Love at First Sight, Traveler's Notebook

Left to Right: Standard Olive Edition, Pan Am Edition Blue, Altered Brown Standard and Narita Airport Edition Passport

Traveler's Notebook is what got me into the planner community and drawings.  I use it mainly for journaling, and I love the idea that I can go bold with tones of different type of inserts and add ons or stay simple with just the cover and a book itself.

I first got the Brown Standard Traveler's Notebook back in 2014 on Amazon.  I immediately fall in love due to the velvety leather.  It shows scratches and marks easily which also show the history and character about the planner.  

With the B6 slim fever going on since last year, I decided to altered my brown to accommodate the MD B6 Slim Notebook to try out the size.

Later on, I acquired Pam An Blue edition, Olive Green edition and Narita Airport Edition in Passport black.  This year, Traveler's factory announced to add the Blue into their standard product line.

Jetpens carries a large selection of Traveler's Company products, and you get free shipping with $25 purchase.  Now I need Tokyo Station Edition in my collection.

Check out my planner collection Part 1 and Part 2 post if you are interested.




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