Work-Dori Part II: Week on 2 Pages

Last week, I briefly walked through My Work-dori.

Despite the midori is very FAT already, I feel I am missing a daily page to track my daily schedules.  I would like to see how I spent my day such as meetings, emails, mentoring and etc.  I tried DIYfish Day on one page, yet it is too much space for me as all I want is to track my hours.  I ended up didn't use the pack I purchased as I don't like to write my todos over and over and don't like to leave blank pages.

Last week, I tried using the week on one page from the trial pack I purchased.  It works, yet I need a little more space to write and thought maybe week on two will work.

Since I am still at the experimenting stage, I don't want to commit into another purchase.  I looked through DIYfish's inserts and decided to copy the layout and try it out first.

It looks very nice until I start plug in the hours....
I don't have enough space for all the hours I want to put in there...:(
I will give it a try and see how it works.

Philofaxy and Ray Blake offers vertical format week on two page for ring binders.  Maybe I will try to make it into MTN styles

Photos from
 Lastly showing the picture of my midor after I put in my daily pages....the overhang is crazy and I really don't like it.  I am still searching for a perfect cover for my notebooks.....


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