Side Open Pocket for my Van Der Spek Wallet Binder

I am currently using my customized Van Der Spek compact size binder as my wallet.  Often of time, I find myself trying to rush the receipt in my binder/wallet.  Instead of putting into the full length pocket, I just leave the receipt at the very front of the binder, snap it close and leave the stores.  It really bothers me as I don't like to see pieces of paper here and there.  I tried to search online to see if there is side open pocket insert for my binder but cannot find any.  Yesterday I came across to Sea Lemon's Youtube Chanel on How to Add a Pocket to Your Book. I adopted the idea and made into the pocket for my binder :) 

Before-Those are today's receipts.  Once I record the receipt into my expense tracker, I remove the receipt from my wallet and store at home. 

After-Receipts need to be recorded are properly stored in this side open pocket.

This is how it looks like after I completed the side open pocket.  I made this out of the catalog from Tiffany&Co.  This is just a prototype.  I will probably make a nicer one after :)



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