My Work-dori

I am using my Midori traveler's notebook as my work notebook.  Never thought it will work for me as I have been using A5 for my work forever.  Yet, it is surprisingly work better then I expected.
I love the leather, it is very sturdy, firm and at the same time pliable.  The leather is pretty smooth and soft.  With three books in there, the notebook and stand alone by itself. 
I purchased a 8.25x5.5 notebook from Michael's and cut down into Midori size.  The remaining become my to do list sheet attached on the cover with the binder clip.  It works so well for me as when I open the book up, the first thing comes to me is the TO DOs. 

Book #1 is 2 year month on two calendar from Ray Blake (
Book #2 and 3 are blank notebook, #2 is my daily and month goals, to dos and bullet journals.  #3 is my reference notebook for all the notes related to works that I need to remember or reference to. 

I also have a DIY 6 pocket file folder from Pocketfull of vintage and top load clear pocket from Erin Joy

Also I made this pen loop from leather tag that I have at home.  (Youtube DIY from Katebtps)

Love this midori traveler's notebook.  The only issue I have with it is the overhang as I really don't like it.  Now in search of a good quality traveler's to solve the overhang issue......



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