Planner Blog and YT I Have Been Enjoyed Lately

There are some videos and blogs that I enjoyed lately related to planners.  Thought to share it here as my personal collection as well.

- A very information and detail talk on how she uses her planner.  I really enjoyed it!
- At around 8:00 minute mark, she talked about how she made her clear dividers which I think it is very clever!  Those clear dividers with letters are kinda pricey to buy with long wait time.   Most of planner girls out there have alphabet stickers and lamination sheet at home.  I have been searching for a good dividers for my A5 and this will be a easy make for me :) 

I mentioned this video in my last post that Mariana inspired me to get on this A5 bullet journal bandwagon.  I love how she make it simple, functional and in a ring planner.  Really enjoyed it and watched it couple times.

Being a planner girl, we see all those pretty decors in people's planners.  This video shows how to make flower wreath by using washi tapes in the planner.  With 5 different styles and tips and tricks.  It is in Chinese but just by looking at it, you get the idea :)


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