Van Der Spek Nomad as Workdori

I recently purchased this Van Der Spek Nomad from the facebook sale group.
I have to say I LOVE IT.   The leather smells phenomenal and it just happened to be the combo I am looking for!

 Janet leather brown outside with matched stitching.  I now understand why so many VDS fans love this leather.  It feels buttery, durable with lovely leather scent.  

Inside leather is the Janet yellow with matched stitching.  Since I just moved in this wee, the set up is not completed yet.  I just put some essentials in to get myself started 

Week one 1 page with notes as bullet journal for my work

I custom ordered a fabric insert for my TN on ETSY.  It was planned to be used in my Midori traveler's notebook, yet, the insert is too big and can only fit in my VDS.  

Three card slots 

A zip pocket on the other side of the insert.  I put my pencil board and ruler at the back of the Nomand 

VDS made this wider than traditional traveler's notebook so can hold 4-6 notebooks without overhang.   Love the leather and the pocket designs.  I just need to be smarter on what I want to put in this TN as it gets a lot heavier.  

Overall I really love VDS Nomad.  The pocket design is the most functional one I seem so far and the leather quality and the craftmanship is amazing.  I especially love their capability to do custom works.  VDS site:



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