Midori MD A5 Notebook

So I have been hunting for a A5 grid notebook for my newly purchase Van Der Spek Codex Cover.

I have eliminate Hobonichi A5 as I don't use the monthly for my journal.  Also I am not considering Leuchtturm as I don't want a hard cover notebook.  After doing some research, I have few options to go with
  1. Seven Seas "Crossfield" (Click Here) $26 + shipping
    • Paper type: Tomoe River
    • Pages: 480 pages
    • Notebook thickness: 15 mm thick
    • Grid Size: 5 mm cross grid
    • Cover: Fabric coated semi soft material
  2. Nitoms Stalogy 365 Days Notebook A5 (Click Here) $25.75
    • Paper type: Unknown but has been tested as fountain pen and watercolor friendly
    • Pages: 368 pages
    • Notebook thickness: 14 mm thick
    • Grid Size: It does not specified on the website, yet, looks like it is a 3-4mm grid Cover: Soft cover like Hobonichi
    • I discovered this by watching MissVickybee youtube (Click Here). 
  3. Midori MD A5 Notebook (Click Here) $13.76
    • Paper type: Standard Midori paper which is fountain pen and watercolor friendly
    • Pages:  176 pages
    • Notebook thickness: 10 mm thick
    • Grid Size: 5 x 5 mm
    • Bounding Method: Thread bound
    • Cover: Thick paper stock
I went with Midori MD as I want something simple and lower cost to start with.  Here is a close look of the notebook

Cream paper stock cover.  comes with stickers to label the notebook

A rice paper like package material covering the notebook. 
stamped Midori MD logo
It lays pretty flat and comparable with Hobonichi

The grid size is 5mm x 5mm

The bookmark is glue on and can be removed by just simply peel it.

A little instruction to show you how to remove the bookmark

It fits nicely in my Van Der Spek Codex Cover
The paper just feels like the Midori Traveler's notebook paper which should be fountain pen friendly.  I don't have one so won't be able to do the ink test.  I am not sure if I am going to do watercolor in this notebook as I am doing daily challenge in my A6 Hobonichi.   This will be a good starter notebook for me to ensure I am going to stick with my journaling before I spent more money on buying more expensive notebook.  This is my first A5 and we will see how things turn out.

xoxo kat


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