Daily Reflection in A6 Midoir Traveler's Notebook

Very old and beat up Midori Traveler's Notebook.  This is before the name change, thus the embossing shows "Midori"

As some of you may know that I am reading the Bullet Journal Method book.  In one of the chapter, the author discussed how he fills in the monthly page after the fact and reflects what's actually going on on the day.  I have adopted the same, but instead of writing it in my A5 ring notebook , I use my cut-down Midori Traveler's Notebook paired with A6 MD notebook.  A5 ring is for my work notebook and it gets use and open in the public quite often.  I don't feel comfortable to have my daily reflection/journals in it with the possibility that others may see it.

Monthly on a page and reflections to follow

What I am using Currently

One of the goal this year is not to waste and use what I have.  Here is a list of what I am using and also consider this as my current favorite :)

A6 Slim MD notebook:  I bought a 3 packs deal from Amazon with line, grid and blank paper.  It holds ink pretty well without bleeding issue.

Zebra Mildliner :  I think all the planner girls have this particular set with grey and pastel color.

Polaroid Zip Photo Printer: To be honest, I would not recommend this photo printer at all.  I am using it because I have it and A6 slim size has small footprint.  If anything, I would recommend Canon SELPHY.  I have it and the photo quality is supreme!

Lastly, my pen is Pilot G2 0.38 which I love!  It is fine and smooth.


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