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Hello~I am back to Blogger!

Last year I tried with Worldpress blog and didn't work out for me.  So I am back to the Blogger.  As this is my first return post, I want to share with you what I have been using.  I typically switch my planner and change the way I plan every quarter or longer.  This is my current setup since beginning of this year and going strong.

VDS Undyed Standard Custom Planner  Facebook  Online Shop

  • Undyed Leather with matching stitching 
  • 25mm silver ring
  • Custom layout on the left side + Secretarial flap on the right side
A lot of people sun tan the undyed planner.  I kinda wana go through a more nature way and see how it turn out after months of use.  I have been in this planner for 2 full months now.  The color changed a bit but not much.  I can definitely see dirt built on it though.  

Inside of my Planner

I have four main sections: 
  1. Monthly:  I have been enjoying using Peanuts Planner Co free monthly printable to plan my future activities and appoints
  2. To Dos: Just a check list of things I need to do for the day/week.  Sorta like bullet journal in ring binder.  Once I completed the task, I use Zebra mildliner to mark as done.  It is inspired by Peanuts Planner Co as that's how she plans.
  3. Expenses:  This section tracks my bills, expenses and passwords.  
  4. List:  Just a reminder of a list of "stuff" I want to track, for examples, TV shows, planners I own, gift list and etc.

Featured Products

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By the way, instead of using traditional tab header, I kinda play the words and use Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers to label my tab.  To Dos = Take Risks; Expenses = Stay Strong; List = Stay Curious 

I have also did a Youtube video that you can watch HERE.




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