#Onebookjuly2016 TN setup, my first Youtube Video!!

This year I am participating Onebookinjuly challenge hosted by Carie Harling, MissVickybee and RhomoanysRealm.  You can find those ladies on Youtube :)

This year I decided to try a size I never really give a shot, Fieldnotes.

DIY Fieldnotes TN
I have 4 sections in my traveler's notebook
Part 1: folders and pockets for bits and pieces.  Everything in this section is DIY by me besides the midori brand sizp insert.

Top loading envelope for photos 

Midori passport size plastic insert

DIY folders using The June Planner Society package bags 
Part 2: Future Plans for my appointments other tracking.  I made this insert via word doc.  

Part 3: Bullet Journal for daily logs . 

Part 4: Catch all book for different things I want to have with me all the time, such as my washi tape collections, ink collection and etc....

I tried not to bulk up the planner as it is my EDC.  

I have also uploaded my first Youtube video!
You can find me on youtube @ katslifeincali
#onebookjuly 2016 set up youtube link: https://youtu.be/rMnGnQyjfZo



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